The journey of the company has been initiated with the name of ZIEWNIC in 2014. Hardships of the company has successfully led them to develop their goodwill with the passage of time. Today’s, the company is known as ZIEWNIC PK (Pvt) Ltd. The company is dealing with the solar panels and solar inverters to meet with the deficiencies of the production of electricity and promoting the idea of sustainable development of society. .

ZIEWNIC solar panels and inverters approaches reliable products with the excellence and outstanding services. We suggest ideas as per the need of customers in order to meet global demands and challenges. The accessibility of quality product ranges from residential, commercial and industrial in order to meet the requirement level of consumer nationwide. The availability of products has vast range from lower to bigger level to satisfy the customer’s wants and demands. The initiative step to flourish the economy with the idea of sustainable development and promote progress of the country with eco-friendly environment.

A long with quality products, teamwork coordination and collaboration is considering the backbone or powerful weapon to leads and earn the goodwill of company. The sincerity and devotion of the employees has rooted in the national market. ZIEWNIC’s first priority is satisfying the customer needs with quality products and customized solution as per the requirement of the customer.

Our responsibility is not limited to the boundaries of selling products but earning the consumers’ confidence by providing technically proficient and implementable solutions.
ZIEWNIC welcomes the prospective and potential customers to avail from our facilities. Feel free to contact us at any time.


To emphasized on incessant growth and capture market by providing facility to the consumers. To extend the market by improving the value and upgradation of the product. ZIEWNIC also focused to increase the employment nationwide.


To demolish the problem of energy crisis from beloved motherland. Moreover, intended to develop the eco-friendly environment by promoting solar energy instead of non-renewable resources of the eco system.